Tours to Greece - Questions and Answers

What will the accommodations be like?

EcoGreece believes it has discovered some of the most authentic accommodations available. We choose small to mid size hotels and pensions that are noted for their hospitality and character. Each room on every trip has a private bath. These lodging facilities are a welcome site after your daily active adventure.

What will the meals be like?

Fresh and filling! We realize that active touring creates a hungry stomach. Be ready to taste traditional and delicious local fare at the tavernas and restaurants.
We know that some people have certain dietary needs. With all the fresh vegetables grown in Greece it will be no problem for vegetarians to enjoy the local cuisine too. Wines are from the local region.

Ecogreece provides a lunch to be carried in your backpack on the one day tavernas are not located along our hiking trail. This lunch consists of a hearty sandwich, fruit and your choice of either juice, soda, beer or water.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in Greece is usually hot, with the sun shining. However, if we cloudy or rainy days, our original plan may have to be altered.

What about insects and snakes?

There are no dangerous insects to worry about. Bees may prove dangerous to allergic persons. Mosquitoes are found but are not in abundance and bites can be reduced by putting on mosquito repellant. There are no lethal poisonous snakes.

Who will be guiding our trips?

People keep telling us "your guides are fantastic". We at EcoGreece take great pride in this.

Our guides are chosen based on certain criteria. Obviously we hire people for their expertise and intimate knowledge for the areas we visit. Equally important is to find an individual who has a passion for life, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor.

Our guides are Greek professionals who live where we travel. They will show you new things while at the same time listen to your thoughts. They have a love and joy for sharing their country with you.They are truly... wonderful people. Their professions run the gamut from photographer to dentist and doctor.

What about money?

There are ATM's in all major cities such as Athens, Hania and Iraklion. The smaller towns that we visit have are no ATM's or banks. Visa, Master Card and American Express are all widely accepted for shopping and at Hotels.

Will I feel comfortable as a solo traveler?

Expect to be in the company of good friends right from the first day! All of our trips have a combination of couples and single travelers. We can assign you a roommate, or you choose to secure a single room and pay the single supplement fee (see trip page). If you wish to share a room we will attempt to find a roommate, however if we are unable to do so you will be required to pay the single supplement fee.

Can EcoGreece assist with air travel?

Yes. We will help you get the best and most convenient airfare both for international and domestic (in Greece). We won't leave you alone to decide by yourself for this stressful matter. We will suggest you contact Patricia Graham with Select Travel American Express. Patricia can be reached at


How strenuous are the hikes and walks?

Basically all of our walking/hiking tours, cover an average time of 3 to 7 walking/hiking hours each day. Tours are leisurely and traverse a varity of terrain including rolling hills on well tended paths, sidewalks, and narrow or rocky paths. There are areas with increased elevations with more frequent descents. Overall we will be descending in gorges. There are no real steep ascents.

One of our hikes takes us through the Samaria Gorge. On this hike you will descend from 4,000 feet to sea level while walking/hiking on a very rocky path. This hike makes it totally unsuitable for individuals with severe leg or knee problems.

If you have any specific questions regarding your ability or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to evaluate the situation with you.

Will my luggage be with me all the time?

Yes, for most days.There will be a day that we walk the Samaria Gorge. On this day you will need to carry what fits in your backpack only. If by chance the weather is not friendly there would be one additional day of carrying what fits in your backpack.

Do I need any special gear?

This gear list has been created to help you choose your equipment for the hike tours.

Start with a comfortable fanny pack or day pack.

FOOTWEAR: A broken in pair of hiking boots. Please make sure the foot wear provides good ankle support and good traction. Be nice to your feet! If you plan on purchasing new boots, do so well ahead of time and allow yourself time to break them in.

Bring some extra moleskin, Second Skin, Compeed (or similar ) for fast foot treatment, plus tape. And watch out for blisters! A very good way to minimize the risk of blisters is to wear a thin liner sock under your regular thicker hiking socks. The liner sock should be made of a-non-absorbent, wicking material, absolutely no cotton. Test your sock combination before you go on the trip.

Some of the beaches have pebble rocks and make it uncomfortable to walk in bare feet. We recommend that you bring a pair of swimming shoes or sandals.

CLOTHING: Due to thorny bushes on some of the hikes we recommend hiking pants, loose and easy to move in. However if you want to bring shorts that is up to you. Four T-shirts, One long-sleeve shirt. Typical underwear needed. Four sets of socks (we recommend a thin liner sock also to avoid blisters). Swimsuit (very important).

OUTER CLOTHING: The key to staying comfortable while hiking is layering. To get maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection. Medium weight polarplus sweater, rain jacket and rain pants (or poncho). Rain showers in the afternoons is a possibility in October.

Choose breathable, lightweight fabrics. Cotton is wonderful in warm weather. However, once it becomes wet it drains your body heat. Plan on bringing at least one synthetic shirt that maintains its warmth when wet. Examples of these fabrics would be Capilene, M.T.S. and Thermax. Always test your layers before a trip. Your outer layer should fit easily over the inside ones without binding and bunching up.

CITY CLOTHES: Bring a casual pair of shoes and a few lightweight easily washable items for city wear.

HEADWEAR: Protect yourself from the sun with sun screen, lip protection (SPF 15 rating), sunglasses. Lightweight polypropylene or Capilene visor, sun hat or baseball cap. Bandanna, water bottle and a good disposition are the only other suggestions.

ACCESSORIES: Walking stick or collapsible ski poles. Toilet kit (soap, toothbrush, toilet articles, towel).

OPTIONAL: Camera and film. Reading and writing materials.


EcoGreece realizes that flying a long distance is not the easiest thing in the world. It can sometimes make a person feel cranky and tired during and after their flight.

Please remember that when the group meets, our guide will have a smile and we want you to have one too. Don't let an airline trip ruin it.

In order to help our clients avoid certain flight discomforts we hope the following information will help.


Help your body to help itself:

  • Avoid rich or fatty foods the day before you travel
  • Apply a good moisturizer before you travel to help keep the skin moist
  • Avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee on the day before you travel
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibers to allow your skin to breath



  • Select light in-flight menus
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid coffee and soft drinks containing caffeine

Stretch Your Muscles, Ease Your Body

Sitting in one place for a long time can make you feel tired and stiff. These gentle onboard exercises will help you minimize this and as a result you will feel more comfortable during your flight.

  • Gently lean to one side. Rest for 3 seconds, breathe out. Repeat to the other side. Repeat 3 times.
  • Lift hands, breathe in deeply and hold for 3 seconds. Place arms behind head, breathe out. Repeat 3 times.
  • Bend feet upward, spread toes and hold for 3 seconds. Point feet downward clenching toes and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 3 times.



  • Exercise during a stopover
  • Exercise once you reach your destination

Escape from Tiredness

  • Soak in your bathtub
  • Take a quick jog or brisk walk
  • Adjust your watch and personal activities to the new time zone as soon as possible
  • Try to eat at the meal times of your destination country
  • Try to sleep at the normal bedtime of your destination country: it will pay dividends in the morning!

Always check with your doctor before starting this or any other health and exercise program. Do not take part in activities that you have been instructed against medically.


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